Does anyone really believe that Google Maps was perfect Day One?

There is a hell lot of fuzz and FUD regarding Apples newly released Maps app in iOS6. It’s rather funny really. I can see Tim Cook is smiling too.

Whiners, listen to yourself.

Does anyone really believe that Google’s maps, Nokia’s maps or even TomTom’s maps was without flaws Day One? They have evolved thanks to users who found these flaws and reported them back to the developers to correct the information. Same thing will happen with Apple’s new app. It is a hell of a job and information collecting to build a perfect map applications with all data, images and layers upon layers with information. Even Google or TomTom is there yet. They still have flaws and always will. But they have had a number of years to correct and update.

I believe Map is a great app that will evolve quickly. It is in the Cloud, so Apple can fluidly fix its flaws without pushing new updates.

(In the old days there wasn’t a printed road map that was correct. Maps and roads changes all the time).

Nonetheless. It is embarrassing for a customer design focused company like Apple, to release Maps in this stage. It should have been labeled ”Beta”.