Leaders of the World: If you can’t save the World, at least save our Coffee

I know there are a lot of leaders, politicians and others, that are forced to be what we call Climate Change Deniers or deniers of man made contributions to Climate Change. Forced, because they are more or less funded by the Fossil Machinery. That is why it takes forever to change to a society with less or no environmental footprint. Maybe it is already to late.

So suddenly I bumped into this article about coffee. Most because coffee is an important part of my daily pleasures (a part of keeping me awake). I truly enjoy good coffee. And I hope for Gods sake that the leaders of the World does too.

Here it is: Good coffee is being made of a mix between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. Robusta beans deliver a strong and bitter taste, while Arabica delivers the smooth, delightful and tasteful part. And here is the message: Arabica beans suffer a lot when climate change. It is one of the threatened spices.

And make no mistake, coffee farmers are suffering, especially in Central America. In El Salvador, roya, or coffee rust, a fungus that turns a coffee plant’s leaves brown, has affected 75 percent of the crop. In Costa Rica, it’s closer to two thirds. In Guatemala, more than 100,000 coffee farmers lost their jobs in the last two years thanks to the fungus, which grows more easily thanks to climate change, experts say. Meanwhile, climate change itself, without the added problem of rust, threatens nearly 100 percent of wild-grown Arabica, which is an important pool of naturally diverse strains.

So if fossil fuel doesn’t turn climate deniers into action, coffee should. Take action now – Save Our Coffee.

Read the full article here.