This is why I use Ad blockers

I do not mind ads, not at all. I have accepted ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and tv for years. Mostly I ignore them, but occasionally there are a few that catches my interest.

I do not mind ads in newspaper sites and other web sites that needs advertising for staying in business. Mostly I ignore them, but occasionally there is a few that catches my interest.

So far so good.

But when they start to pop up in my face, open new hidden windows, auto playing videos and adding tracking scripts that follows me on the Internet, it has gone to far. Much to far. I do not want that. It is sick and evil and honestly I am disappointed that major well established sites accept that kind of offensive behavior.

So, if you return to just serving traditional ads with just a link to the advertisers site, I will stop using Ad blockers.

For you who agrees with me, I can recommend installing Ghostery. It is very adjustable and let you decide what kind of services you want to reject or not. And you can also white list sites where you accept ads, scripts and widgets.


Ghostery makes you very aware of what you are exposed to. In the example image Ghostery found 10 items than can be blocked.